COVID-19 Various Data Comparison

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Expand Checkboxes Total cases New cases New cases smoothed Total deaths New deaths New deaths smoothed Total cases per million New cases per million New cases smoothed per million Total deaths per million New deaths per million New deaths smoothed per million Reproduction rate ICU patients ICU patients per million Hosp patients Hosp patients per million Weekly ICU admissions Weekly ICU admissions per million Weekly hosp admissions Weekly hosp admissions per million Total tests New tests Total tests per thousand New tests per thousand New tests smoothed New tests smoothed per thousand Positive rate Tests per case Tests units Total vaccinations People vaccinated People fully vaccinated Total boosters New vaccinations New vaccinations smoothed New vaccinations per world New vaccinations smoothed per world Total vaccinations per hundred People vaccinated per hundred People fully vaccinated per hundred Total boosters per hundred New vaccinations smoothed per million New people vaccinated smoothed New people vaccinated smoothed per hundred Stringency index Population Population density Median age Aged 65 older Aged 70 older GDP per capita Extreme poverty Cardiovasc death rate Diabetes prevalence Female smokers Male smokers Handwashing facilities Hospital beds per thousand Life expectancy Human development index Excess mortality cumulative absolute Excess mortality cumulative Excess mortality Excess mortality cumulative per million All cause deaths smoothed All cause deaths smoothed per million Retail and recreation percent change from baseline Grocery and pharmacy percent change from baseline Parks percent change from baseline Transit stations percent change from baseline Workplaces percent change from baseline Residential percent change from baseline
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